Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wikipedia redux

Russell Brown has written of a good incidence of Wikipedia in action, being used, and abused.

The article shows.. Wikipedia is recognised as a significantly useful tool by high profile individuals because, presumably, so many people go there, local people. easy Wikipedia is to use - even politicians are in on it. directly accessible Wikipedia is - no PR machine required, no cardre - the man himself can get straight to it. Wikipedia is open to abuse
..and correction
..and its level of transparency. articles evolve and are coupled to their talk pages and their editors - and the rest of Wikipedia.
..that shenanigans on Wikipedia are of interest to perhaps New Zealand's best media commentator.
..that the "main" media channels are clueless; this story played out in the blogosphere.
..that some politicals are fearful of Wikipedia's openness and wish to apply controls.

No mention of public libraries in the story, for some reason.

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