Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How now browser pal

Nearly sighted, where the deer- and the antelope-avatars playstation: the new gChrome browser, upon a knol.

Putting aside Goo's plans for world domination, it's intriguing, as the nzherald article notes, to look at how Goop has advertised its new product - with a comic embedded in a GoogleBook.

Personally I find such use of frames and pdf cramped and more cramped and still more cramped, and not at all Web2.0. And I barely had a chance to get orientated before this:

Whatever, more positively, it is a good illustration of the diverse possibilities of marketing something. Rather than a PR broadsheet or a list of links, its visual, with a narrative.

It's also a good example of how quickly a Wikipedia page can happen. About as fast as the thing itself happens.

And, talk of a new browser reminds: nsl still uses IE.er..6? How.. come?

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